At Key Marketing Group, we have been in the business of serving Publishers for a combined experience well over 40 years now.

KMG has positioned itself as a very unique company in the publishing industry. In our 16 years of being in business, KMG is positioned in just the right spot to help publishers experience a tremendous amount of growth.

KMG supports the positive messages found throughout the various products we represent which can reach a new audience of readers.

Working with KMG you will find us to be highly motivated, easy to work with, energetic and willing to try new ideas. We are confident you will find us to be full of integrity and trustworthiness.

Our Goal at KMG is to effectively bridge the gap between Publisher and National Account. Over 40 years of combined experience have helped us develop relationship and strategic partnerships to accomplish successful marketing campaigns for all of our publishers.

For our publishers, we concentrate exclusively on establishing each of our publishers with all of the major distributors, first and foremost. Once that is accomplished, we start our process of setting up the publisher with all of the national CBA and ABA accounts.

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