There's no shortage of good books in this country. In fact, thousands of new books are published every single day in the United States. That lets every author know there is plenty of competition.

And that's also where we come in.

KMGC will tailor an innovative, aggressive, skillful and personalized PR strategy to establish and promote your book in the media-and, in turn, the public. We work with authors and publishers to create effective marketing campaigns for mainstream, self-published, partner-published and print-on-demand books. It's our goal to promote authors of every literary genre and become the driving force behind your book's success.

If you believe your book has bestseller written all over it, let KMGC help you get the word out. We offer amazing creativity at competitive pricing. To us, it's all about you and the customize sell of your book.

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A Professionally produce media sensitive press release will be created.

Distribution Level “A”
Over 1000 media outlets

Distribution Level “B”
500 Media Outlets

Distribution Level “C”
250 Media Outlets

KMG Author Services will contact local retail and niche markets to establish events for the author. Depending on author’s location, KMG will establish a 25 - mile radius up to 100 - mile radius to succeed at scheduling events. Each event scheduled will be then publicized via a professionally created media alert that goes out to the local media in the town of the event.

Event Services Level “A”
Up to 25 locations contacted in Authors Home Town (Goal of obtaining 3-5 events)

Event Services Level “B”
Up to 10 locations contacted in Authors Home Town (Goal of 2)

Event Services Level “C”
Up 5 locations contacted in Authors immediate area (Goal 1 event)

KMG will set up 1 - 3 Social Media platforms for author (ie. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)

Social Media Level “A”
Establish and Monitor Social Media Sites and manage along with the author, for 3 months. Assist author in postings, and creative SM ideas. Social Media coaching session and consulting.

Social Media Level “B”
Establish and Monitor Social Media Sites and manage along with the author for 1 month.

Social Media Level “C”
Establish 1 - 2 Social Media Sites for author.

Establish Author Page on Amazon, Help and assist author on obtaining Amazon reviews. Consult Author on Amazon Marketing Ideas, to reach potentially more customers.

KMG will help and assist author in obtaining reviews from such respective book review sites such as GoodReads, PhiBeta Kappa Reviews, Kirkus, Booklikes, etc. In addition, we can work with author and work on landing Blog Reviews for author titles.

KMG can assist authors on scheduling and setting up potential author Blog tours.

Provide up to 5 hours of Marketing assistance, and have a 10-hour package as well.

From being a basic Marketing Assistance with the author, and handling basic marketing plans to working with and developing strategic marketing plans with the author.

5-hour package and a 10-hour package

This could be anything from cover concept ideas and development, content readability suggestions. Defining target audience, etc.

Post production/release - Coaching and encouragement, brainstorm sessions on marketing strategies.

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

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