Our main priority is to establish Key Marketing Group as the premiere representation company in the publishing industry. 

We also seek to:

  • Change people’s lives eternally by helping publishers maximize all their efforts in supplying to their markets.
  • Provide unprecedented penetration to the publishing industry. 
  • Help our Publishers fulfill their dreams and aspirations for their company. 
  • Help the author fulfill their desire to be published authors and continue support for the author for the life of their book. 
  • Assist publishers by bridging the gap between Publisher and consumer.  
  • Strive to declare integrity and truth of Jesus Christ in the publishing industry. 
  • Being a voice in the Earth that helps to encourage and launch people’s gifts, talents and callings. 
  • Helping motivate people to know God personally and live triumphantly.

These goals will be accomplished by:

  • Using the Holy Scriptures as our foundation and guidelines of doing business.
  • Supporting ethical principles and opposing unethical practices in the Publishing profession.
  • Providing the highest caliber of service for our Publishers, Authors and Customers.
  • Valuing honor above profit.
  • Thus being true and faithful to ourselves and those we serve.


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