Fact: if you want to sell a lot of books you cannot ignore the marketing.

You have invested many hours and money in your book and your writing career. Now is the time to reach your goals and experience the beautiful feeling of increased book sales. You deserve the best book marketing in the world!  KMG is here to help the author, whether self-published, small print authors or large well known authors.  KMG’s goal is to help the author maximize their marketing outreach to increase sales.

The hardest part about becoming a successful author in today’s digital world is how to execute a great marketing plan. Here at KMG, we want to work together with the authors to help teach the author on how to promote their books.

KMG is one of the leading providers for supported of self-publishing services.
If you dream of seeing your book in bookstores, on TV, on the radio, or adapted into a film, KMG is committed to providing the tools and services to help you get started and realize your publishing dreams. KMG offers a host of book marketing services and effective book marketing ideas for you, whether you are an aspiring talent, an emerging author or an established author looking to increase your visibility.

KMG also works with publishers as well as thousands of authors from all around the world. KMG is committed to helping authors succeed!

Who Created KMG?

Key Marketing Group was founded in 2001 by Owner and President Bryan Norris. His vision was to create a marketing firm equipped to market both authors and publishers in the book publishing industry.  Bryan recognized these national venues would open doors and increase opportunities and circulation for his clients.  Even today, Bryan travels around the world speaking at author conference to teach and help authors to help them develop, give long life to their book, sales and promoting the author’s book.

In 2002, KMG grew to be a full-service sales and marketing firm selling to key accounts, independent bookstores and other outlets. Through marketing expertise, in-store visits and convention contacts, KMG accomplished its goals and provided consultation services to authors, ministries, and publishers to accommodate their marketing and sales needs.

In 2007 KMG launched forward once again, this time venturing into a new branch of service adding a public relations division to its services. With more than 23 years book marketing experience, Bryan felt it was time to rewrite the book on what a marketing firm is all about. In addition to sales and marketing as always, KMG now offers a full range dimension of publicity services from complete and premiere media packages targeted nationally to a la carte services including single press releases and everything in between. Bryan and his staff now bring a combined 40-plus years of marketing and publicity experience to KMG clients.

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