Media Kit Design:
We'll get your book noticed with a well-designed press kit that includes:

  • Tip sheet - A profile of your book outlining its number of pages, cost, and availability. Tip sheet will feature a j-peg book cover image, author photo, and back matter synopsis.
  • Author bio - A description of the author that includes a brief resume
  • Press release - An article skillfully written to enhance your book's overall presentation and/or tie your book's topic to current news events or "hot" culture topics

Our expert writers-who've been employed in the media-will design and strategically prepare your press kit in a slick, professional format to catch the eye of editors and producers.

Price: $1500

Press Release:
Stuck on how to write a press release or wonder where to send it? We can help! Here we offer a scaled down media kit with single press release distribution. Our skilled writers will prepare your press release then strategically distribute it to at least a dozen news agencies or other agreed upon number depending on your goal.

Price ranges from: $300-$500

TV/Radio Show Pitch/Media Coaching:
If you're convinced a particular TV or radio show is the right forum to promote your book, let us help. After all, you're not likely to call The Oprah Show today and appear tomorrow; there are "tricks" to the trade. And we know how to master them. So let us a pitch a show theme in your behalf and inspire producers as to how your book and expertise tie to current events or "hot" topics. We'll analyze the show, craft a pitch, and write a book synopsis that gets noticed. We'll also guide you in preparing a video presentation that will allow producers to visualize your TV persona and interview potential. We've landed nationally and internationally syndicated TV shows for our clients-now let us do the same for you.

Then what? After we've landed a promotional coup, we'll provide media coaching that prepares you for the big day. We'll cover everything from how to dress to what to say and how to talk. We'll write sample questions and answers and practice interviewing techniques. We'll also review the all-important lesson of talking in sound bites-a key to media success.

Price: $1600 | Must include KMGC Media Kit $1500 (Combined $3100)

Book signings:
Have book will travel? You name the area and our KMGC publicist will contact bookstores within a 100-mile radius of your hometown to arrange book signing opportunities in area bookstores.

Price: $125 per scheduled event

Ad Writing/Design:
Whether TV, radio or print, we're available to write/design ads featuring you and highlighting your book's best features. We'll write and design print ads to spec or guide you in production oversight. Remember-a single, well-targeted ad is an open door to a world of readers awaiting your book.

Price: $500

Think it over. Then let us know how to help you. If you're looking for a service we didn't cover, we'll do our best to tailor a campaign to fit your needs. One thing for sure-KMGC is the key to your marketing and publishing success!

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